Updated Timeline

This is a bigger and better version of a timeline.


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Wix Page

This page is an example of what I would do in order to organize and publish recordings and announcements for my future high school/junior high choir.


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Rubric for Writing Portions of Danny Elfman Unit


These activities do not require an extensive rubric.

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Music Apps Useful for Student Involvement, Performance, or Assessment

Garage Band- This app gives people a recording studio at their finger tips. Students could explore composition of music in a creative and user-friendly way with the ability to play instruments and tap out fun beats with their finger tips.

garage band

forScore- This app is a more advanced composition app that remains user-friendly despite the ability of any given “composer.” It could be used to test students over very simple theory composition skills.


Singing Fingers- Singing fingers is the coolest one in my opinion. One can finger paint images that produce sound. This would be useful for students to experiment with their own creativity.

singin fangers

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Master Record

Master Record is an iPhone app that enables the user to record a voice or instrument with the warmth and richness of an analog tape machine. This is a good, user-friendly, and cheap product that is a great substitute for a legitimate recorder.


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Final Unit Song from Streaming Radio Station.


This is the opening song from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Scary/funny Picture

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah. Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves.

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